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Wealth psychology expert and coach Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, founder of KBK Wealth Connection and host of the Breaking Money Silence® podcast, is an internationally published author and speaker.
Moran Cerf is a neuroscientist and business professor at the Kellogg School of Management and the neuroscience program at Northwestern university.
I am interested in understanding how people make decisions, and in tracing out the underlying psychological and neural mechanisms of choice. Research in my lab employs an interdisciplinary approach, drawing[…]
Steven M. Hughes is a Financial Therapist and Money Reiki Practitioner helping Black millennials and entrepreneurs build healthy relationships with their money. He marries his education in financial psychology and[…]
Lindsay Bryan-Podvin is a biracial financial therapist, speaker, podcaster, and author. As the first financial therapist in Michigan, she combines financial literacy with money's emotional and psychological side. With a[…]
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Talking about money, especially how much you earn, is often considered taboo. But talking about money can sometimes be a good thing.

It’s not exactly known why talking about money is taboo, but one hypothesis is that it highlights inequality or causes resentment.

Depending on the culture, the comfort level of talking about money differs. Some companies are looking to open up the compensation conversation more.