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Craig Newmark is a web pioneer, philanthropist, and founder of online classifieds service craigslist. He is a leading advocate of civic and social justice causes, supporting efforts in trustworthy journalism,[…]

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark explains his company’s position in the market.

Question: What’s your strategy for maintaining your market position?

Newmark:    What we do is just listen to our community, our customers are asking for and respond to that and stay focused on that.  That’s work for us really well.  That’s how we continue to operate.  And we get a lot of feedback saying that’s the right thing.  When I worked at IBM, that was the advice given in the books about IBM’s history and that’s how IBM became a success, and by not listening to customer so much in the ‘80s, that’s how IBM lost its way in the ‘80s.  IBM is now a very different company out here and that seems to be the case.