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Eric Paley is a Managing Partner at Founder Collective, an early stage fund started by a team of entrepreneurs that launched companies and led them through successful exits. These founders[…]

Eric Paley, Managing Director of Founder Collective, a seed-stage venture capital firm, comments on what makes Shane Snow and his company Contently so special.

Eric Paley: Shane is a journalist through and through. He went to journalism school. He wrote for Wired. He wrote for Fast Company. He still today writes very avidly for all kinds of different outlets. He also recently wrote a book. He is a true journalist. We talked a lot about founder market fit. Founders who deeply understand, viscerally understand their markets because they live the customer experience of that market. And Shane is very special in that he really is the embodiment of that market. He knows exactly what we're looking for from our journalists and is definitely a thought leader for them. And he also knows what our customers need on the brand side because he's written those types of authentic pieces that are not just marketing or promotional pieces for those brands, because that is not good content marketing, but are high-quality relationship building pieces that actually bring lots of learning to those brands customers so that they can benefit in the end from the content.