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Daniel C. Dennett is the author of Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking, Breaking the Spell, Freedom Evolves, and Darwin's Dangerous Idea and is University Professor and Austin B. Fletcher[…]

Daniel Dennett Reveals His Favorite Philosopher.

Question: Why Daniel Dennett Reveres David Hume

Dennett:    First of all I think he was very good company and I think and I love his attitude and his style but I think he had a reasonable skepticism that peeled off layers of ideology and precept position in a very useful way and I think human causation is brilliant.  I think human’s dialogue is concerning natural religion are just wonderfully brilliant.  I think, I think that he saw dimly the scientific world that was beginning to emerge from Newton and he was in a way following luck trying to open up the exploration for the mind and he had lots of great insights that he developed with very acutely.