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This week in comments: February 4th—February 12th, 2018

We’ve got the biggest comments. The best comments. You’re going to have such good comments that you’re going to be sick of how good these comments are. Believe me. 

Why Science Must Embrace Imagination, Intuition, and Evidence

David BarkerYou can’t have imagination without knowledge. The more the better. Otherwise, you just have religion.

Alan Garcia: The only way to expand human knowledge is to first imagine something that doesn’t exist yet. If we only knew things but didn’t imagine things, society would not progress.

Ricky Gervais: Jesus Was My Invisible Babysitter

Kay Stephan:Maybe just MAYBE because the belief in some wizard that flies through the sky who just pops everything into existence is kinda bonkers for anyone who actually uses his/her brain when it comes to this matter? There is no way that you could stick to religion if you’d simply accept reality and use rational thinking. People like Gervais simply realize that religion is not something that has some actual basis but that it is instead something that people simply share because they are indoctrinated into it 99,99% of the time. 

Or as Richard Dawkins said it (the quote is not word by word as I don’t remember it THAT exactly. he kinda said): “Isn’t it amazing how children always have the same religion as their parents? And it always happens to be the right one.”

The Flat Earth Society has revealed that SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch was a hoax

Matthew Richie:According to The Flat Earth Society, they’ve got members all around the globe.

Why SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket launch is important

Mark A. Routt: Let’s get this straight, when we first launched man into space people were in awe, now we have SELF LANDING REUSABLE ROCKETS and people are arguing over semantics? 

I’ll be over here excited for the future.


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