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PRESENT Versus FUTURE! By © Copyright 2009 Andres Agostini (Andy)

A new perspective to these times, their challenges and opportunities. ByAndy (Andres Agostini) – Ich Bin Singularitarian! High-Tech Visionary and Method Developer/Proprietor of: “Transformative And Integrative Risk Management”, Virginia, USA

PRESENT Versus FUTURE. By © Copyright 2009 Andres Agostini (Andy)

The FUTURE always wishes to readily equip the present with novel information. Why? Because the FUTURE considers the PRESENT a failed stated in the realm of time, and does not desire to get implicated with the downsides of a sub-optimal fellow.

Evelyn Lindner : “Pessimism is a luxury of good times… In difficult times, pessimism is a self-fulfilling, self-inflicted death sentence.”

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PRESENT Versus FUTURE. By © Copyright 2009 Andres Agostini (Andy)

Evelyn Lindner : “Pessimism is a luxury of good times… In difficult times, pessimism is a self-fulfilling, self-inflicted death sentence.”

The FUTURE always wishes to readily equip the present with novel information. Why? Because the FUTURE considers the PRESENT a failed stated in the realm of time, and does not desire to get implicated with the downsides of a sub-optimal fellow.

As the FUTURE gives the PRESENT a bad score and becomes judgmental on it, the PRESENT flagrantly denies and rejects the current existence of the FUTURE.

As the FUTURE paraphrases Shakespeare’s sentence (fears take away the good with which we could win) and executes it in the practice, the PRESENT feels a great animosity against such a maxim and habit.

The forthcoming FUTURE – already scattered among us – has a lot to offer to the PRESENT, namely an invaluable out-of-this-word-and-time source of narrative and numerical data (unexplored repository knowledge waiting to being seized and administered by the PRESENT and its inhabitants). Can you think of anyone more visionary than the king in his class, the FUTURE?

The PRESENT, unfortunately, is somehow anecdotic while the FUTURE ruthlessly and relentlessly abides by ever-emerging scientific truths. These truths contained vast gold mines for creation, recreation, and supercreation, as well as for devastation. The cultivated brains must root out the endless dangers to capture the benefits, so humankind prevails on Earth and much more beyond it if the Universe, too, –and its own dynamics– warrants such a license.

For the first time in history, we can work backward from our imagination rather than forward from our past. “In the midst of chaos, there is a learning lesson to assimilate. Sometimes the table is served for an OVER-LEARNING if the prepared mind is paying huge attention to the nano-granularity of details.” (Andy – Andres Agostini, Nov/23/2001, 8:34 p.m. EST).

“To me unchartered territory is the most splendorous ‘terra incognita’ territory, chiefly because of its sheer number of unknown knowns.” By Copyright 2009 Andres Agostini (Andy), Friday, May/08/2008 + Arlington, Virginia, USA

The term singularity entered the popular science culture with the 1993 presentation at NASA-sponsored conference of a seminal paper by San Diego State University statistician Vernor Vinge. The abstract of the famous essay is as daunting today as it was more than a decade ago:


“Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended …Is such progress avoidable? If not to be avoided, can events be guided so that we may survive? These questions are investigated. Some possible answers (and some further  dangers) are presented…”

 “I just wonder if the FUTURE is always stalking on the PRESENT! Perhaps, it is so. One thing can be ascertained, because of its non erudite nature, the FUTURE (the over-ruling) is always filibustering the PRESENT (the enslaved).” (Andy – Andres Agostini, Jan/19/2009, 3:17 p.m. EST).

Andy-Andres Agostini: “these days—meaning: these seconds—the totality of all is in the making perpetyually. That to be ‘in the making’ made—at this time—is relentlessly thought of and thought through way in advance. This is a technique to CURRENTLY get your brains over-insourced by zillion, practiced futuristic scenarios.” (Andy – Andres Agostini, Jan/17/2009, 10:21 p.m. EST).

“The FUTURE WILL HIT the PRESENT AND ITS RESPECTIVE GROUND, RUNNING. All of that as it has been seen up to the present time. This is a hyper-accelerated Eon and ever-increasingly by an over-exponential factor. Said ‘over-exponential factor,’ even when multiplied by many orders of magnitudes as in effect it is, the non-linear geometrical growth of it is by most people immeasurably underestimated.” – (Andy – Andres Agostini, Jan/19/2009, 11:09 p.m. EST).

“To me–The PAST is more like Alice (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland). The PRESENT seems more like Mr. Hyde while the FUTURE appears to be more like the conspiracy of Dr. Jekyll and Dorian Gray. Perhaps, we will need the combined effort by Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christies to decipher the outright enigmas, namely those stemming from the always-awaited-but-intruding FUTURE.” – (Andy – Andres Agostini, Jan/19/2009, 11:21 p.m. EST).

“Progress is the future outcome of cascades of ‘current moments’ flowing divergently.” – (Andy – Andres Agostini, Jan/25/2009, 5:04 p.m. EST).

The PRESENT is introvert adhocracy as the FUTURE is technocracy in perpetuum. The PRESENT is an illiterate adhocratic one while the FUTURE is the technocratic, ‘omni mode’ savant. The PAST is hollow, inconsequential fossils.

Most business plans are ill-conceived indeed, as they are written-up and reckoned with the eyes fixed in prehistory. IF IT IS NOT AN ACTUAL SUB-SET OF A MUCH GREATER AND THOROUGH ADVANCED RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGY, THE FIRM WILL MEET GARGANTUM CHALLENGES. Otherwise, there will be great opportunities! One end of the greatest Risk Management Effort (extraneous to insurance, co-insurance, re-insurance, bonds, etc.) is to entertaining the fiscally sound outcomes of a business, literally any business, challenge, or task.

This FUTURE, that throws around its weight through every facet of the PRESENT impiously, might be 99.99% INEVITABLE. Inevitability, in this instance, equates to meaning that it will be a rogue dictator, over-ruling capriciously and solely by its way and taste. The unavoidable consequences of this FUTURE can be mitigated or at least somehow modulated. Evidently, this FUTURE’s UPSIDES can, perhaps, be seized and even amplified. To meet both requisites, there is one HUGE prerequisite before proceeding any further. That is, that the TOTALITY of HUMANKIND has to converge—‘on the doubles’—on the most essentials Herculean tasks to do in order to attempt the sustainability of the corresponding civilization as it is known / perceived now.

Possibly, this FUTURE will not have—as per the hopes treasured by all-walks-of-life eyewitnesses—a ‘natural tendency.’ Put plainly, because it is being envisioned and worked-out preternaturally, this FUTURE may appear – before our naked eyes – with extreme tendencies and directives that evoke the most extravagant and transhuman mandate. The terms “extravagant” and “transhuman,” in this case, apply for even the ultimately leading-edge practitioner of the scientific realm, either within the eminent establishment, or those with an unauthenticated citizenship from the avant-garde renegade-verse. It might be a genuine deal, it might not?

Said dictator will not impersonate anyone. He will be THE maximum MONARCH OF TECHNOCRACY by his own right, Remember? Yes, yes, yes—I know. Technocracy, the gentleman, just espoused a lady with an appalling temperament that looses composure oft, even before the state’s visits by the Holly Pope. Her fist name is “Global.” Her surname is “Crises.” That’s the reason why this “power couple” has made Sir Francis Bacon a best-selling icon, “FOR TIME IS THE GREATEST INNOVATOR.” Gotten it?

The PRESENT carries on superfluously. But the FUTURE is over-impregnated and super-immersed with detailed meaning and significance and projected transgressively a là ‘omni mode,’ as well as with its manifesting tangibly and intangibly pervasive ubiquity.

Perpetual innovation is a rogue truth to this PRESENT. The breadth, depth, scope, and rate of acceleration of this FUTURE’s perpetual innovation will be endless, endless so beyond the wildest dream or nightmare ever conceived by the ultimately noted or most criticized sci-fi writer. To attribute to this FUTURE’s perpetual innovation a quality of far-fetched will be an extreme over-simplification.

The PRESENT is a function of the PAST and, above all, a function of the FUTURE. The PRESENT is a function of the PAST only in part. Remember: The FUTURE is always pre-clashing and/or clashing the PRESENT, thus continuously shaping and re-shaping the PRESENT to a great extent. The FUTURE is, so to speak, 30% a function of the PRESENT and 70% a function of the FUTURE itself. The PRESENT is bathed by permanency and by the quality of being impermanent. The PRESENT is not a snapshot or fixed (static). It is the linkage, superposition, and/or intertwining of many films (dynamical). Its dynamism grants itself, the PRESENT, huge ambitions to becoming the FUTURE while trying to capture the ‘here and now’ mirage. There are too many ‘heres’ and a myriad of ‘nows.’

The PRESENT is always infinite, unless its interrelationship with the FUTURE stops. The FUTURE is never endless unless a great anomaly takes place.

Concerning the PRESENT and specially the FUTURE, the great majority of people failed to considering the possibility of anything going wrong, no matter how remote the location or complexity  of the implementation environment.

The PRESENT and the FUTURE engender tsunamis of CHANGES. When you altered your work because of competition and/or difficult times, you are CHANGING your professional occupation (organizational strategy). When you reflect and modify you innermost, you are CHANGING your essence to some extent. CHANGING your essence to being ADAPTABLE to ever-shifting realities. When CHANGE is always altering all types of CHANGES, the scientific properties of known and unknown changes get modified, sometimes profoundly. This extreme modification is what I have been referring to ‘CHANGED CHANGES.’

CHANGED CHANGES make the overwhelming case for ‘beyond unprecedented’ reinvention of humans, business and lifestyles, organizations, businesses, governments, nongovernmental organizations, societies, and worldwide society. In the process, the extreme makeover is in nothing superficial or similar. And the call is an abrupt wake-up alarm to all sorts of leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, government administrators, consultants, adviser, strategists, professors, teachers, students, researchers, and any breathing or cryogenized human being.

At the time being, it does not matter anymore where you come from and how this impact your ‘current’ PRESENT. Instead, what is presently relevant for you to envision are the floating, fluxing, cross-railed FUTURES as they climb the treacherous building-block ladder, the ladder of accumulation of opportunities, challenges, and perplexing, but exuberant, tradeoffs. These tradeoffs poise the least thinkable of the unthinkable results, challenging our body (physiology), mind (psychology), and soul (spirituality). To apply for practical leadership credentials will be a nearly, though not impossible, insurmountable enterprise.

How insurmountable? As nearly insurmountable as attempting to hike the Everest cloth-less, equipment-less, ill-prepared, without a crew and the indispensable Sherpa, as you walk and climb toward the mountain’s peak with your back focused on the peak and  while your eyes are grabbed by the starting-point locus. You can always walk into the FUTURE backwards to revive the fossilized vestiges of blur/made-up memories that eat your soul out.

You know what the PAST is? Reply: The eternal creative-tension discrepancies between the FUTURE and the PRESENT, encapsulated in a stream of segments from the ‘preterit tense’ kingdom, a kingdom that is neither awaken nor significant.

Clearly, the genetics of the human beings will have a notable impact on the psychology and physiology of the humans until the FUTURE’s say. Such a say has a designated ‘due time.’ By all effects, the FUTURE is always a representative of three facets. There is the facet of opportunities that we can call UPSIDE RISKS. Another facet is that of the likelihood of potential disruption. The former impersonates the DOWNSIDE RISK. Thirdly, there’s the facet of blended UPSIDE RISKS with DOWNSIDE RISKS. To really get the OPPORTUNITIES the DOWNSIDE RISKS must be terminated or, at least, mitigated.

Such eternal creative-tension discrepancies —as imposes the rogue and nearly ageless interrelationship between the FUTURE and the PRESENT—wage a ‘preemptive war’ to get the PAST under retirement. These eternal creative-tension discrepancies make three major displacements. Firstly, it displaces the PAST to a corner where vestiges are fossilized but not looked after. Secondly, it displaces the PRESENT closer to the FUTURE. Thirdly, the FUTURE pulls pervasively the PRESENT to the FUTURE’s intimate spheres of influence, since this monarch (the FUTURE) wishes the PRESENT to be the ultimate, loyal subject of the FUTURE. This wish from the FUTURE is to this monarchical ruler a sine qua non without fail.

It must be mentioned that interrelationship between the FUTURE and the PRESENT is intense and will become increasingly more intense, beyond the boldest and lucid imagination.

Mother Nature is a great and loving and noble matriarch. The Universe is the oldest and wisest Patriarch, perhaps the elder son of the greatest intelligence of all. The Multiverse (many universes with, at the same time, many dimensions) is not only the maximum, all-enabling Patriarch, but also a pervasive Patrician holding the greatest intelligence, wealth, perhaps the elder son of omniscience, nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, and A.I. (artificial intelligence).

Successful and tough reverse-engineering captures breakthrough innovations for the PRESENT’ and from the FUTURE’s dominion. Reverse-engineer all regardless of its origins, terrestrial or extraterrestrial.  This is important to bear in mind.

Successful and tough reverse-engineering captures breakthrough innovations for the PRESENT’ and from the FUTURE’s dominion. Reverse-engineer all regardless of its origins, terrestrial or extraterrestrial.  This is important to bear in mind.

Every human is partly earthling and partly extraterrestrial. Why? Because pre-biogenesis and bio-genesis was (at least and as it seems) massively instilled from the outer space. If extraterrestrial beings existed, they would be, in fact, siblings to current humans. How come? Because there are other genesis different from biogenesis on Earth, whether within our knowledge or not. A genesis does not only take place only on Earth, but in the whole Universe if it is or not under known and unknown modes.

To capture benefits and to extreme-make-over leadership and to scientifically steward disruption potential, you need to understand the PRESENT, the FUTURE, and its frenzy interrelationship. In making this effort optimum—and among other prerequisites—we must find out and address two topics. One topic has to do with how we reached this PRESENT out of a scattered PAST’s technological accomplishment as we constructed an expanded knowledge repository just by practicing future scenarios through radiant foresight, far-sight, hindsight, insight, and innermost-sight.

Another topic is that insidious habit of the FUTURE in seducing the as-of-now PRESENTS while the citizens of such PRESENTS make us agent so many looking-forward changes that set afire the interrelationship between this PRESENT and this FUTURE. Now we know how we got to ‘here’, ‘here’ is the hyper-dynamism of flows, in-flows, counter-flows, avant-garde flows, crossed-pollinated flows, point-inflecting flows. “As-of-now” exactly refers to the PRESENT-FUTURE’s own tête-à-tête.

‘Here’, while in the PAST, was a bit statistical but never really so. The so-called ‘here’ is undergoing a total immersion of numberless processes, transactions, deeds, etc. ‘Here’ has always been mobilized. ‘Now’ is motorized at a rate that is beyond awe-inspiring. We just got the ‘now’ about right to this point. To turn savvier on this FUTURE, one must be a genius in his executions (sic).

Then, he / she has to make the greatest effort of all, that is, to think unthinkably in relation to present forces and respective futuristic trends—both subtle and dramatic ones as well as those driving and marshalling and enforcing just brute-force dramatic ones—by means of the practical implementation of scenario planning.

Thereinafter, your unthinkable thinking about FUTURES must become more refined, enhanced, exuberant, streamlined, diverse, expanded, and extended. In doing so, it never suffices to come up with a three-scenario forecast. Subsequently, forecasts must carry with you as many plausible or implausible scenarios as resources required never loosing the maximum rigor. Also, no optimum forecast is great enough if it is not accompanied of an arsenal of plans of contingency. Each scenario crafted must have its respective, unambiguous plan of contingency without a fail.

All of this is true for humans from the PAST and the PRESENT. Toward a more advanced time—and by means of reverse-engineering with the omniscience perspective—the humans will increasingly be of different constituents and design.

The PRESENT is always unnecessarily delayed or even lost and absent-minded because its limits are impermanent and capabilities are finite. The PRESENT never contemplates fast-forward-ly, but in reversal in so adding to its even greater disadvantage. The FUTURE operates beyond the offensive acceleration of ‘light speed’-plus and nearly without or with zero limits or constraints or borders. The FUTURE is the Napoleonic Emperor that does everything only under its own terms, exploiting every advantage and disadvantage to its lucrative well-being and omni-ruling.

The FUTURE is accustomed to spying on the PRESENT. How come? The FUTURE is the PRESENT’s debriefing one. The FUTURE is, in many cases a virtuoso, though it at times voyeurs the PRESENT. What a horrendous vice! Such deed will NEVER be tolerated. How do you REHAB the FUTURE? Group therapy? Grouping it with whom?

The PRESENT is sleepwalking while the FUTURE is ‘child like’ wondered by daydreaming. In the mean time, the post-modern modernity is a rush getting more and more modern by unprecedented ‘shock and awe’ unearthed standards.

This criss-cross PRESENT will be reconstituted by the continually crinkum-crankum FUTURE inevitably. There is going on a terzetto in which the happenings are more or less like this: the PAST (R.I.P), the PRESENT (thé dansant), and the FUTURE (tertium quid). Clearly, the PAST is getting a CPR to be by historians. Earned in his own intellectual right, Jefferson stated: “I prefer the dreams of the FUTURE than history.”

Who would dare not to appreciate that nanotechnology, biotechnology, bionics, and artificial intelligence making deep and steep inroads? Incidentally, the definition of the omniscience perspective can be revised at as well.

The PRESENT is an absent-minded sardine while the FUTURE is giant cuttlefish in conspiracy with an octopus.

Ying and Yang have combined forces of subtle and dramatic origin. These days the PRESENT is a bit like a pseudo-harmonized Ying-Yang relationship. The FUTURE is only about Yang deeds.

The PRESENT is besieged by a bunch of dilettantes and poseurs. The FUTURE is—so to speak—à la Sir Francis Drake.

The PRESENT is more like Huckleberry Finn while the FUTURE is perhaps the archetype of Genghis Khan and his Mongols.

The stream of as-of-now PRESENTS will become—to some extent—one of the forthcoming FUTURES. At some point ahead, a PRESENT will be ultimately integrated into a single FUTURE. Such a FUTURE, though, will reach a point in which being bio-based or bio-related or not in vivo at all will be splendorously awaken and active. (March 12, 2009 at 1:34 p.m. EST. By © Copyright 2009 Andres Agostini ‘Andy’ at

Regardless of transhumanity, overhumanity, superhumanity, nonhumanity and ‘above and beyond’ humanity, the hard-core essential is and will be not being human but becoming and acting humanely. (March 12, 2009 at 1:58 p.m. EST. By © Copyright 2009 Andres Agostini ‘Andy’ at

The PRESENTS are from appalling and contentious interrelationship between Venus and Mars. The FUTURES are only from stringent Mars. Go and ask about it Dr. John Gray.

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The FUTURES are supervening upon the PRESENTS in combination with the ruthless forces possess by the own FUTURES.

The PRESENT concerns the animal and vegetable kingdoms. The FUTURE is only about beyond post-humanity and its staggering brute-force-and-dramatically-subtle INTELLIGENCE.

The PRESENT pertains to discovering science. The FUTURE is absolute science dominance and nearly infinite power.

The PRESENT is always misled and misleading, treasuring a great promise of deceit. The FUTURE is eloquently transparent and clear, crippling—in advance—violators of ethics, morality, principles, integrity, and dignity.

By © Copyright 2009 Andres Agostini (Andy)

May 21, 2009 -Arlington, Virginia, USA


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