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Copywriting Tips

Wedding Marketing Expert Shares Some Copywriting Tips.

We all know that with proper search engine optimization, we can climb the rankings of Google and get traffic to our website.  We do this by keeping our page updated with fresh content and building quality backlinks that point back to our website.  However, just getting traffic to the website is not the end of the battle.  Once we get visitors to the website, we need to be able to dictate where they go and what they do once they get on the site.  This can be done with effective copywriting.

The most important aspect of copywriting is to first grab the attention of the reader.  You can do this with an attention-grabbing headline.


This can be done by asking them a question or making an interesting or even shocking statement.  Whether or not the person reads the rest of your website is based upon how interesting your headline was.  If you choose the route of making an unbelievable or controversial claim to grab their attention, then the first part of your article should be proof for your claim.  You can use written proof or a picture.  Also, to keep your website search engine optimized, it is also important to put your keywords in the title, if possible, but you already knew that, right?  Also, people love statistics.  If you are able to feed them some statistical evidence regarding the success of your product, that will help out a great deal.

When you get to the body of the article, you want to keep your sentences as short and concise as possible.  If your sentences read easily and are easily understood, there is a much greater chance that your reader will continue reading.  If there is any part of the article that could cause someone to be confused, either clear up that part of the article or take it out completely.  If you cause your reader to be confused, they will most likely leave your website.

Another good method to get your viewers to continue reading your website is to tell an interesting story.  Stories are likely to draw emotional reactions from your readers and get them to trust you more.  Also, it is easy to transition from a story to your sales pitch.  If you are unable to tell a story, you can instead use amazing facts. is a great website on the Internet to find unbelievable facts that will suck in your reader.  One of the best ways to go about copy writing is to draw them in with an entertaining story and them transition into some interesting facts.  After you give them the interesting facts, you can then move into your sales pitch or tell them a little bit about what you have to offer them.

While you are writing the article, try to be aware of any kind of question or concern that could come up for the reader.  If you are able to anticipate these questions, it will go a long way in keeping the reader glued to your content.  It helps avoid any confusion that might come up for the reader.  Also, when you are telling the reader about your product or service, make sure to stress how important the information is.  If you can make them believe that the product you are offering is a life-changing product, they will be more likely to want more information about it, which leads to them purchasing your product.

Try not to make your sales copy too formal.  People like articles that are written in a personal manner.  Keep it very conversational.  Address your reader as “you” as often as you can.  Also statements such as, “I was devastated by the terrible services provided by my wedding DJ and I’m sure you would feel just as awful if you were in my position.”

Add some sub-headlines to your page.  You want these to be just as catchy as your headline.  When you add sub-headlines to your page, people will at least scan down the page and check them out.  Many of the people that do this are the same people that would have simply left your page if you had just plain text all the way down the page.  People do not take well to a lot of reading, it needs to be broken up for them.  Pictures and videos will also keep your reader captivated for the duration of your website.


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