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Starts With A Bang

Limited Offer: Join Me On An All-Inclusive AstroTour Of Iceland!

Okay, this is an incredible and rare opportunity, but I’m so pleased to announce that next January, from the 18th-24th, 2019, I’ll be leading an exclusive AstroTour of Iceland!

We’ll hit highlights like geothermal fields, waterfalls, active volcanoes, the famous rift valley and Blue Lagoon, but the biggest highlights will come at night! We’re going to go aurora hunting, enjoying the thrilling sights and stories of the night sky, and on the 21st, we’ll be treated to a total lunar eclipse in the hours before sunrise!

Best of all, you’ll get to have exclusive access to me, Ethan Siegel, as we talk about life, the Universe, and everything! Seats are limited and the tour will sell out, so start planning now. I can’t wait to see you there!


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