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Starts With A Bang

Happy Halloween 2020 From Starts With A Bang!

And the Macho King, Randy Savage!

Over this coming week, things will be quiet here at Starts With A Bang, as I’ll be taking the next week off.

But to help tide you over, I’m pleased to present some of the first/best photos from this year’s Halloween costume.

Medium followers, here is this year’s costume: the Macho King, Randy Savage!

And, just to show how the shoulder is progressing honestly, you can see a real difference between my left arm and my right one (which is where last year’s shoulder surgery took place) in the photo below:

I’m on my way back to being healthy and well again, and I think the next week off will do me some good.

See you back here real soon for more Starts With A Bang!

Starts With A Bang is written by Ethan Siegel, Ph.D., author of Beyond The Galaxy, and Treknology: The Science of Star Trek from Tricorders to Warp Drive.


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