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The Tao of RasII (The Rasiian Way)

The Philosophy of Rasiianism

The word Tao is an ancient Chinese word which when translated into English means the way. So the Tao of RasII can easily be explained as the way of RasII or, the rasiian way. To elaborate, the rasiian way is an ideology based on the concept of attributing a dualistic nature to the creative force of the universe. In rasiianism we call this duality the light and the life. The light can be defined as the mental or intelligent aspect of the creative force. The life, the emotional or, Energy in motion aspect. The core principle of rasiianism is that these two forces, light and life when combined, are the foundation of all things seen and unseen. In rasiianism we call this sacred union the A.L.L or, the Alignment/Actualization of Light and Life. The purpose of rasiianism is to teach ourselves, and others how to bring these two forces into alignment that we may harness or own creative energy/innerG (greatness, genius, god etc…..) to Actualize our own dreams and wishes, and by doing so create a better life for ourselves. I work everyday at this goal, not only to bring about my own desires but to be an example to others who may in turn be an example to others and so on and so on until we have an entirely new nation of creators and eventually a new world……..

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