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Born the son of a poet and a gospel singer, It is no surprise that RasII would grow up to become a master of Rhythm And Poetry. But the road leading to his destiny was not always an easy one. Before the age of 18 a young RasII would live in a total of 8 different homes and attend 6 different schools. Needless to say this kind of instability didn't leave him much time to develop many lasting friendships. Often alone and introverted, Ras began to write his idea's and feelings down on paper. First in the form of poems and later in the form of songs. At the age of 14 (due to the advice of a mentor) RasII entered his first talent show. Finishing in last place, he swore he would never lose again. He would enter and win many more talent shows before being introduced to Wu tang clan member Inspektah Deck by a mutual friend. Impressed by the young emcee's rhyming skills, deck decided to take Ras under his wing and teach him the in's and outs of the game. As a Wu Tang apprentice RasII(at the time King Kutthroat) acquired all the necessary tools to advance to the next phase of his music career. No longer just an emcee, Ras was now a producer and an aspiring indie label owner. Armed with a new passion for business , Ras would later start his own production company, writing, producing, and selling his music independently. Fast forward to 2009 RasII is set to Launch What has been ten years in the making, "Rasiia inc". Rasiia inc is a multimedia company focusing on artistic and innovative Hip Hop content. Rasiia's first release will be the debut album of RasII "The Kingdom, The Power, The Glory". Prepare for a new age in Hip Hop.... An age of Reason..... Reason Above Superstition Ignorance and Illusion