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johan hendrick

cant well goodbyernrnlast reply..tornQuestion: Why is it so difficult for scientists to believe in a higher power?rnrnit has a peer bassed stasis...cannot even define the permiter let alone the parra-meter...cant measure that it cant saying here is a clue what your looking forrnrnthese 'other' di-mentions are divisions of the quantive affirming the Qualitive...where Q>q so thats part of the formula...It’s the outer edge of those faculties which we have to develop here. rnrnIt’s the main link..between our world and yours. rnrnYou know that some people have learnt of things which arernhappening to their friends at a distance. We all can do so here, and that is the way we communicate with each other; speech does not exist with us. rnrnThis explains those sayings in the Bible ..about nothing shall be hid.... You cannot tell lies here ...Nor be deceived. rnrnBut that is not all,... for every separate thought exists of itself ..or rather the intent passions which bring it into realities focus point..and we can see them all.rnrn“This explains the doctrine of the Catholics ..(at which I used to laugh) that a really...REALLY..visualised and PLANNED..evil thought, [creates an event ] such as murder, is worse than a venial sin.rnrn“My punishment consists largely of this, that all my evil deeds and thoughts rise my percieving of their reality...ever before me... in as real a shape as I myself possess. rnrnThey [my thoughts/obsexssions which i persued passionatle...planned meticiously..are there ..with all the surrounding..impedimenta.”....goods/bads and realisations[fruits]rnJ. W. “What do you mean by that?”rnH. J. L. “Well, Jack, I don’t want you to think worse of me, so instead of quoting a..real offence, I’ll show you what I mean by a fictitious one.rn“Suppose a man committed a murder, or even meditated one — Not merely the actual/murder, but all the surrounding details, such as the furniture and room in which it was, or who/how is specificlly was intended to be committed, ARE ALL here.”...AS real AS_IF they were done in realityrnrnJ. W. “Then do you mean to say that there is no difference between the fault thought of.. and one committed? “rnH. J. L. “It all depends on the reason why it was not. ..!rnrnSupposing your better nature/gains the upper hand and you refuse to act your lower nature/imp-ulses.. prompts you; then, ...after....visualisation seing the event ion the minds eye...and it enters the seeing advantages in this..the evil thought, AND will be refreshed by seeing ..the good one — for all your.. goodrndeeds and thoughts*.. come here also.[here is the astral realm...right here occupying this same space[but beyond time...S>T...rnrn“If the sin had not been committed ...solely because you were prevented by something-else,...[higher intervention]...or your own concious cawakening.. then *..there would be no good thought to refresh your weary spirit here in eternity.rnrn Of course a man/may be temporarily prevented from giving way to an evil passion,.. and afterwards rejoice that it should have been so. BUT..All that... he will see here. rnrnThus each one lives... in a world /of his own creating, ..and the more nearly... his world /approximates to that of others around him,..the more company,.. the less solitude will he have....[recall mine fathers HOUSE has many the rooms are BETTER and WORSE than thee[recalll those of the love of murder..CAN ONLY MURDER EACHOTHER[of like passions]...its heaven for most ...hell for the victim...rnrn“Solitude is one of the worst punishments here, and so those who, though having..many faults, yet loved much and had many friends, get their reward.”[more of the same shall be given]..rnJ. W. “Does this state remain constant, or do you get to know more people and your/former thoughts haunt you less? “rnrnH. J. L. “Now I told you ...we did progress only... last time. rnYou should not ask..unnecessary questions, nor try to catch me tripping. rnrnI repeat, we do progress as we learn,and particularly as we learn to believe....[in the good of love/life serving neighbour as we served ourself[to the bnetter/goodf/god.rnrn As to the second part of your question, I don’t really know exactly what happens,....[there is nom automatic devine here KNOW-LEDGE..must be sought and L-earned.. but as we go on thinking here ..we create freshrnthoughts, ..and as these are ..of a nobler nature /than those we thought on earth, they and enable us to bear more easily... the grief we feel... for our former faults...OUR FORMER ERRANT THINKINGS...!rnrnrn“We realize as faults here... things that on earth we deceived ourselves into thinking..were not faults....simple error/but for the RESULTING vile they may have inspired in othersrnrn“I should add.. that at first it’s rather like a h