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Redoubt evening update for 3/24/2009

The current activity at Redoubt has officials worried about the Drift River Oil Terminal. Funny, Eruptions pointed that out months ago.

Image by AVO/USGS/Game McGimsey, March 23, 2009

Redoubt has simmered down some today with no new eruptions since yesterday evening. AVO’s field crew not only fixed the Hut webcam, but also spotted massive lahar deposits (see above) in the Drift River valley that traveled 35 kilometers downstream and have officials on local and national levels worried about the Drift River Oil Terminal. Funny, it sounds so familiar somehow? As usual, an ounce of planning and thought about locating an oil terminal at the foot of an active volcano would have prevented about 10 tons of problems now.

AVO will be posting some gas measurements and new info from their flights around the volcano earlier today, and I’ll update this post when that data arrives.


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