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Planet Goes Into Ecological Debt

Yesterday marked the day when Earth went into ecological debt, having already used a year’s worth of productivity and resources. It has been dubbed ‘Earth Overshoot Day’. 

What’s the Latest Development?

Yesterday marked the day the Earth went into ecological debt. Humans have already used a year’s worth of the planet’s productivity and natural resources. Dubbed ‘Earth Overshoot Day’ by the Global Footprint Network, the planet will be in ecological debt for the rest of the year. “Human’s depend on the Earth for everything from food to fuel and clothing, but since the 1970’s humans have been using more resources than a single planet provides, the Network says. To keep up our current usage rates we would need between 1.3 to 1.5 Earths.” From rising food and fuel prices to climate change, we are suffering the consequences. 

What’s the Big Idea?

The industrial economies of the world are unsustainable. If everyone on the planet consumed energy the way an average American did, we would need five Earths to meet our energy needs. Europe and Canada consume more than the Earth can provide, too, and emerging economies like India and China are quickly catching up. “The Network estimates in the Living Planet Report 2010, that by 2030 humans will be using double the Earth’s capacity.” Earth Overshoot Day was calculated by comparing global demand to global supply. 


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