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Monday Papers: or the calm before the storm

Today’s papers are full of fears of what tomorrow’s anniversary (Brian lives in an alternate universe one day ahead of the rest of us – like some little-remembered sitcom I used to watch) of the fall of Aden the traditional ending of the civil war, although the looting and destruction went on past the 7th, will bring.

Al-Ghad leads the coverage with this article on what tomorrow may bring, particularly worrying is the potential for clashes between the nebulous Southern Movement and local committees for the defense of unity.

Al-Tagheer has this article, in which the security services in Aden warn against unauthorized demonstrations. (I’m guessing only those in support of unity will be authorized.) In an effort to limit tomorrow’s expected demonstrations, a number of people are being arrested, in a slightly different take on preventive detention. The YSP in Sayyun is claiming that security there is arresting a number of activists.

Arrests have also taken place in Lahj, according to al-Tagheer.

Additionally, a Yemeni court sentenced seven individuals, which the court claims are connected to the Huthis, to death. It sentenced another seven to sentences ranging from 12 to 15 years. Mareb Press has the list of names of the convicted. I have my doubts that the seven convicted to death will actually be executed.


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