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Launching the Center for Climate Change Communication

George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication has relaunched its Web site with among the new features a discussion forum. They also have a section devoted to updating readers with the latest journal articles, news articles, and open access research on climate change communication. (Full disclosure: I am an affiliated researcher with the Center.)

Founded last year by George Mason professor Ed Maibach, the Center’s innovative research focuses on several key questions that have often been discussed here at Framing Science and on ScienceBlogs generally:

1. What are various audiences currently thinking and doing about climate change? What barriers do they face with regard to civic engagement and personal behavior change? What additional resources would help people engage as citizens and change their personal behaviors?

2. What are the most effective ways of reaching various audiences with climate change information of value to them?

3. What information is worth knowing, and how can it be most effectively presented? Click here for examples of this research.

4. What is currently being conveyed about climate change in the media, and what is its impact on viewers?

I definitely recommend visiting and participating in the discussion forums. I suspect that over the coming months, this part of the site will grow in traffic and posts, becoming a central place on the Web for a focus on climate change strategy and research.


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