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Guest Thinkers

democracy empowered

the evolutions and revolutions of the human social sytems and system.

What are the principles that need to be ranked, followed, stuctured, and systematised to become the basis on which a productive, organised, peaceful, fluid, free and fair human society can be built?

This is one of the primary questions we have to ask when thinking of reengineering a world human social system –  since what makes us different from animals is that we live on/by principles, often determined by our forefathers, sometimes consciously, sometimes animalisticly.

We also have to take into consideration the broadbased established mental and physical platforms that we are coming from and which we have to deal with – our current governing, organising, and functional systems which include our political, law, educational and generalised personal-belief systems. All of these and I will go so far as to say the whole of humanity can be reeingineered because of where we are intellectually(the body of human knowledge which is growing constantly) and with the use of the technological tools which we have developed and are developing and refining – especially the communication, computing, and information technologies(I emphasise these because they empower all the other sciences) (science is the pursuit of truth) Out of those 3 classifications of technological tools comes another one – The Internet! Humanities first real shot at democracy! It leads to the instantaneous distribution of knowledge, worldwide collaboration of like-minded people and an exponential growth in the body of human knowledge and understanding. 

This ‘Time’ that we live in is the beginning of a new era for humanity.. A new and arising zeitgeist, the next step in our evolution where we become the overhumans… where we are the truth!


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