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The amazing sense of knowing what you want

The other day, while talking to a friend, I suddenly had this amazing sense of knowing what I want. It felt so gooood. It was just like a prize you aim for so long and you finally get it.

It’s not only about knowing what you want. It’s about naturally, effortless, “built-in” knowing what you want.

How do you recognize this feeling? A random idea passes through your head. But, when your brain automatically translates it into a dream, your brain automatically finds ways to achieve it, your brain automatically searches your calendar to see whether it could be achieved in the following months, or in 1-2 years, or maybe in 3-4 years and you are just quietly contemplating the whole scene, that’s it! The feeling of what you really want.

Here’s the random idea I was telling you about which ended up in a well defined dream: Smile on a beach in Portugal, while hearing all around the sweet and incomprehensible Portuguese.Then I realized.

I started thinking more structured about the meaning of my thoughts and I started being more aware of what I want due to the exercise I had lately using Trigwee.

What about you? Have you ever experienced this feeling?

Disclosure: I wrote this post for Trigwee blog


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