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What’s the big deal

Why is food such a driving force in American lives

Food is the new religion of American culture. While Christianity, Islam, and all the other religions have been around for what seems like forever. So my question is what is the big deal about food? People center their entire lives around food and for what reason. They center vacations around going to their favorite restaurants. They work overtime just overeat at the local steak house’s buffet. Why to people lust after food. You sit down at a table and chew it up and swallow it. Each bite is only in your mouth for an average of twenty seconds then it’s gone. Around the world people make it just fine eating the same old same old, but we Americans act as if we will die if our steak is not done properly at the local steak house. Why is food so important to us? Why do people run to food when they are depressed or upset about life?


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