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The idol of worship

Christian music… when we think of this we think that there is no way that it can be taken and used in a wrong way. It is often the way people worship God and express their love for Him. On the other hand, there is way too many times when the focus becomes all about the music and not about the one to whom it is directed to. It becomes about entertainment, voices, guitars, drums, and so on. It looses what it was meant for. It was meant to glorify the Lord and not worry about all of those things. Yes, they do add to the experience, but it is a place of the heart. I know someone who is consumed with music. She is all about the new Christian worship songs and always looking to see what else she can sing in front of people. The whole concept of why it was created has completely been lost on her. It is a sad thing and one that I think needs to be addressed more in the Christian musical world.


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