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Music: In The World But Not Of It

Believers and listening to “secular” music.

When it comes to the modern styles of music that are dominant in our society today, it is hard for people to decide whether they can listen to “secular” music as part of the cultural experience. The Bible calls Christ-followers to be in the world but not of it. So where does that leave music? Understanding the music of a culture gives you a deep insight into the culture itself. Music reveals beliefs, wants, needs, feelings, and much more. So, is it necessary for a Christ-follower to understand the music choices of the culture they are in? I definitely think so. But, is it okay for a Christ-follower to listen to the “secular” music of a culture for their own enjoyment and pleasure? I think this is something for each person to decide for himself or herself. If the motives are pure and it does not hinder your spiritual walk with the Lord, then go right ahead. Just make sure you are only in the world, not a part of it.


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