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Personal Growth

Reaching Youth By Encouraging

I think that one of the most important things that a youth leader of a church can do is encourage their kids in their different walks of life. From my own perspective, I have seen several youth groups who have kids who do not have a desire to help others simply because they were not helped by people older than themselves. In order for a young teenager in a youth group to really make their faith a part of their life, they need to feel like they are worth something and play a vital part in society. I say this because I have been under leaders who have been a great encouragement to me and made me feel like I was worth something. I have also been under leaders who did not care so much about individuals as they did about their own agenda. Since the whole point of youth ministry is to introduce kids to Christ and a relationship with Him, it is important to help kids see that they are made in the image of God. Each person is uniquely created by God. Once kids realize this, they will want to love God and will want others to realize the same thing.Everyone wants to feel a part of something, so youth leaders and spiritual leaders in general play a vital role in having kids realize that they matter and that their gifts and talents should be used to the best of their ability. I think that this is one of the best ways to encourage.


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