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Culture & Religion

Movies or the Bible?

Messages in our movies

Sex, profanity, violence, homosexulity, more sex, more violence in movies now a days and we wonder why we have so many problems in our society. Movies influce people in ways we don’t even think of. There are so many messages in movies that we don’t realize that are being exposed to veiwers like ourselves. Movies are shaping our minds in how we think and speak. Movies tend to shape beleifs on what is real and what isn’t, whats cool and what is lame. How many of us have watched something and then went out and did something because of the message that the movie gave. Mabey it impacted us to go and help our neighbor by painting their house or mabey you caught yourself speeding because of the movie’s impact.

Movies are the bible in today’s culture, if people don’t start changing or teaching kids what is right and what is wrong we are going to fall even deeper.


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