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Personal Growth


The power in every moment of our lives.

There is never nothing going on in your life, your life is filled with moments and in those moment they have the power to change your life forever. Those choses you might make in that moment might change you in ways you didn’t think possible. Think about it what are you doing right know? What is on your mind? A lot of times we can be so caught in our own lives we can’t see what is going on around us or what other people are saying to us. You see every moment of your life was given to you by a God who loves you and has given you this gift called life. Where do you find your most presious moments, family, friends, at the beach? All humanity is crying our for something deep down in their soul that only their creator can fill. What in your life brings you to a sense of awe, that if only I could go back into that moment and relive it, I encorage you to go back in your memory and capture that moment once again if you can. In order to live life in the moment we need to get ride of the trash in our head like I am no good enough or I’m not as smart as Sue or strong as Sam.

Its time to live in every little moment that God as given to be alive.


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