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Science Brings Us Closer to a World Without Sweat Stains

Athletes, workout enthusiasts, and everyone who has suffered from the embarrassing armpit “situation”, rejoice. Bioengineers at University of California, Davis have developed a new fabric that works like human skin, forming excess sweat into droplets that drain away by themselves.

The team interwove water-attracting threads into a highly water-repellent fabric. In this way they created patterns of threads that suck water from one side of the fabric, propel them along the threads like channels, and expel them from the other side, while the rest of the fabric stays completely dry and breathable.

According to the scientists the process is very easy to scale up. This is good news to manufacturers who are always looking for breathable fabrics that remove sweat. I, personally, still can’t imagine where all the sweat is going, after it has been drained along these channels, but I’m happy with any progress made in the fight with sweat.

Source: ucdavis via ScienceDaily


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