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Merchants of Doubt: Nicotine is Not Addictive = Climate Change Is Not Real

The Climate Reality Project has produced an online video short linking effectively for viewers the parallels between the tobacco industry’s attempts to lie and downplay the threat of smoking with conservative advocates’ efforts to downplay the reality and threat of climate change.  The video translates the narrative from Naomi Oreskes’ and Erik Conway’s book Merchants of Doubt.

Perhaps the most effective comparison in the video comes at the 3:40 minute mark, comparing iconic 1994 footage of CEOs of the major tobacco companies telling Congress under oath that they did not believe that nicotine was addictive with recent statements by conservative commentators about global warming.  This is a very useful comparison to use with demographic groups old enough to remember the 1994 focusing event, which means it should eventually be used in contexts beyond online video, such as TV advertising or in efforts with opinion-leaders to talk up with their friends and colleagues.  Take a look at the video below.


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