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Ziggy Marley is a four-time Grammy Award-winning musician, philanthropist, and founder of the independent record label, Tuff Gong Worldwide. Known for his international work with children, Ziggy is the founder[…]

The musician talks about how he supports African unity.

Question: What is your charity work in Africa?

Ziggy Marley: We're doing a few charities which is HIV related. I've done... Aldo did a, the shoe company, Aldo did a campaign which are a part of clothing people. HMV did a campaign that was a part of... The Red Campaign, I've been involved with for a couple of years now.  And that's about it.  But Africa... You know, my mother... We do a lot of charity work in Africa. My mother has a big clinic and things in Ghana.

And we try to support not only the AIDS thing but we are trying to support the concept of Africa... unity in Africa which we believe is the solution in Africa. If African countries can unite and pull resources together, then that will be the best thing we could ever do for the problems in Africa including AIDS. So that is where I see my effort going into more than the specifics, you know, HIV or the malaria thing. I see my effort going into fixing... I do an analogy that, you know, we can fix the windows and the doors but if the roof is leaking... I want to fix the roof so that at least we have, you know, the shelter, then we can fix the smaller things in the house.  So African unity is a roof to me. And if we can get that done, and until we get that done, we're not going to solve the problems in Africa. That has to be done, you know. So that's... that's where I want to put my effort.

Recorded on: May 7, 2009