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Ziggy Marley is a four-time Grammy Award-winning musician, philanthropist, and founder of the independent record label, Tuff Gong Worldwide. Known for his international work with children, Ziggy is the founder[…]

The musician finds that today’s Jamaican youth, like the rest of the world, have grown more materialistic and less disciplined.

Question: What is Jamaica like today?

Ziggy Marley: Well, Jamaica right now, it's... the politics don't play such an important part in terms of violence anymore, you know, it's not so much about the politics. I think now it's more about, you know, different gangs, you know, whatever. People just try to make some money and that's where the violence comes in. But otherwise on that, I left Jamaica a little bit and I went back home and I keep going back. Still the vibe in Jamaica is a vibe that can't beat still, you know what I'm saying? Especially in the country, you know? In the city, not so much but once you leave the city, there's something there that's nowhere else, you know?

Question: How has the country changed?

Ziggy Marley: Yeah. It's different, it's much different. We have a lot more outside influence in Jamaica now in terms of cable TV and, you know, the different types of... you know, the Burger Kings and the McDonald's and stuff like that. So the culture is kind of diluted and I believe that a lot of the traditions have been lost. When I was growing up, there were a lot of traditional events that we would see or take part in, now, it's much less. You know, and us... so when I was growing up with my father, the consciousness and there was a movement for change, there was a rebellious nature but rebellious in a positive way, but now it's a rebellious nature but in a kind of negative way. But I think, it's the same with the younger generation, I see that now all the world, you know? The kids are not as disciplined, not as respectful of things, you know, it's just... the way the world is changing and what the young people are looking up to, you know, they're looking up to the materialistic, the bling and the blang and all that type of stuff, it's happening everywhere so Jamaica is no different, you know what? Again, I say, there's still greatness there in Jamaica that you know the vibe... there's something there that's still great, that those things will never overshadow, the negative will never overshadow the positive things of Jamaica.

Recorded on: May 7, 2009