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Amanda Mesler has over 25 years of extensive international leadership and general management experience at CEO and board level and held leadership positions as CEO, COO, Chief Client Officer, and[…]

Logica North America CEO Amanda Mesler on recent outsourcing trends that de-emphasize offshore outsourcing.

Topic: Outsourcing.


Amanda Mesler: We’re seeing some trends in North America right now around what we have, I guess we didn’t label it, we got it from another research company that’s labeled that “re-shoring”.

North America, they started their outsourcing movement. There wouldn’t be Indian offshore companies if it wasn’t for North America, specifically the US. But now with jobs being lost we’re seeing a resurgence of Americans wanting American jobs.

And so what we’re looking at and seeing, I think GE [General Electric] just announced a big acquisition or building of a plant in Detroit, Michigan because they’re trying to revitalize the labor force in Michigan and that’s very low cost resources, very high talent around the auto industry.

So we see the trend of being re-shoring and blended delivery which basically means local resources as well as some offshore resources as well. So it’s not the traditional outsourcing where you completely take it offshore or completely give it to a partner anymore.


Recorded on: June 07, 2009