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Who's in the Video
Kari Fulton is the National Campus Campaign Coordinator for the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative. Fulton works to support and mobilize diverse youth and organizations by building awareness of[…]

The activist says the movement is a long-term process to work toward racial equality and environmental sustainability.

Question: Where do you see the movement in ten years?

Kari Fulton: In 10 years, I believe, that you'll still have an environmental justice movement because the environmental justice movement is your ethical leader and environmental justice issues are going to continue regardless. We are the check and balance system of this environmental movement. So even if got wind farms and solar panels everywhere, there's still going to be environmental ethical issues that are going on that needs to be addressed whether it's equity or whether it's where you're actually placing this wind farms because you could have a situation where instead of placing low-income communities near power plants, you got them right next to the wind farms. Who knows?

So that voice is still going to be there but I think that it will be more empowered and we've had a long struggle that started before I was even born. I've just advocating for environmental justice so it is my goal to see it something where people know what it is, know what it means, it is a kitchen table conversation and with the work of people like Lisa Jackson, with the work of people like Dr. Bullard, with the work of people like Dr. Wright, even the work of people like Van Jones and Majora Carter coming out and just sparking a massive publicity string around that, I think it is important. So the goal is that environmental justice, people of color in the green movement, it's not going to be a trend, it will definitely be something where it's going to be a more strategic and unified movement where we're placing stronger leadership on our environmental boards, on our policy agendas so that our communities are represented but it's still going to be there just hopefully more supported.

Recorded on: May 8, 2009