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Kari Fulton is the National Campus Campaign Coordinator for the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative. Fulton works to support and mobilize diverse youth and organizations by building awareness of[…]

The organizer tells us how “people of color have been green since jump street.”

Question: How green is the capital?

Kari Fulton: Fenty is doing... you know, he is doing good, you know, their... they've just put out their Green Agenda similar to Mayor Bloomberg coming out with Green NYC. But I think that DC has a strong... just like many other urban cities. There is a very strong push to green in an aspect but it is coming from a perspective of very a consumer type of thought about it. So there is the idea of we need to have this and that. But out of some major cities, I think they are doing better than most and so yeah, there is definitely lots of work that needs to be done but with the right people who know about these issues, guiding him, it could be good. But there is a lot of greenwashing wherever you go. So that is something I'm very nervous about.

There is a lot in DC, there were a lot of debates or lots of protests because Exxon Mobile was advertising at the baseball stadium and the baseball stadium is supposed to be like this, first Green baseball stadium, it is all new and shiny but it is like Exxon is a huge polluter. So how are you going to say this is green baseball stadium when you have one of the hugest polluters advertising and then not only that like the people that were displaced to make that baseball stadium is another whole big controversy. So as people were displaced they closed down a lot of different stuff to even make that and I mean, the team sucks. So, honestly, you know, the Nationals, you all step your game up because we put a lot of money on you all so, you know, that's my green agenda. If we are going to have a really great green baseball stadium, they need to win some games, it's just ridiculous so...

Recorded on: May 8, 2009