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Kenny is Chairman and CEO of Digitas and is a member of the Publicis Groupe Executive Committee, the P12. He leads the Group's overall digital and interactive strategy. Beginning with[…]

David Kenny recommends ways to capitalize on pockets of industry growth.

Kenny:    I certainly believe that we’re going to see continued growth in Brazil, Russia, India, China, the Middle East, so I think there are geographies that are growing because the economies are growing, more than the West.  I also believe that we’re seeing real growth in advertising when it’s associated with products that create really unique value for people.  So, new products, new innovations, whether that be in electronics or software services, generates a disproportionate share of advertising.  Simply advertising old, stale products or non innovative products, there’s a role for that and there are products that just need to be communicated to new generations.  But ultimately I think you’re going to see a real shift of advertising, innovative advertising tied to innovative products because that’s really what’s going to change people’s lives, make them more interesting and more useful.