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Why You Shouldn’t Burn the Midnight Oil

In everyone's vision of a start up company, there is a group of energetic hardcore employees who work 24/7 and sleep at the office. But that's only one way of doing it, says entrepreneur Sara Sutton Fell.

What’s the Latest Development?

After entrepreneur Sara Sutton Fell created her fist business the hard way, collaborating with a tightly knit group of devoted employees willing to work 24/7 and sleep under their desks, she decided there must be a better way to interact with the kinds of talent you need to make a successful company. Now, using modern communication technology, she’s created a company that relies entirely on telecommunication. She says the typical way of sourcing talent can often limit how entrepreneurs succeed.

What’s the Big Idea?

Taking advantage of telecommuting can yield real benefits, says Sutton Fell. Imagine two comparable resumes, one from New York City and one from Kansas. Assuming corporate culture can be managed over long distances, which will be more cost-effective to hire? In a time when making your start up lean goes without saying, giving employees more flexibility in exchange for a little less pay can go a long ways, both in terms of the bottom line and employee morale.

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