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Warren Buffett on Berkshire & America

In an extensive interview, the "Oracle of Omaha" discusses who might soon take his job and what he thinks the broader outlook is for the American economy.

Warren E. Buffett gave Vanity Fair an 11-hour tour of Omaha, talking about his succession plans, Berkshire culture, what he hates most about his job, and the “10 most immortal words in the history of economics.” “This much is known: the roles of the chief investment officer … and the chief executive officer … both of which are now filled by Buffett, will be split between at least two people, and probably more,” writes Bethany McLean, contributing editor at the magazine. In an article set to be published in the magazine on Thursday, Ms. McLean draws up a list of the usual suspects to replace Mr. Buffett as C.E.O.


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