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The Thinking Person’s Guide To Tax Evasion

If you conscientiously object to ponying up your income this year, be advised that 2009 could rank as a tough one for tax evasion.

Offshore accounts are increasingly scrutinized, year-end bonuses are watched with eagle eyes, and, if you are a farmer, you were probably flagged long ago. Nevertheless, there are some ways smart people can stay below the IRS radar.

Slate reports that 7 million Americans fail to file their taxes every year. If you gross between $25,000 and $100,000, your chances of getting caught are only 7 in 1000. Not surprisingly, as you climb the income ladder, you chances of an audit increase significantly. If you are an independent contractor however without many financial assets, derivatives or other wreakers of global havoc under your name, you stand little chance of the IRS knocking at your door.

Beyond self-employment, the best tactic would be to remain unemployed, underemployed or bankrupt. In 2009, that shouldn’t be too difficult either.


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