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The New Dating: International Sugar Daddies

Media professional Helen Croydon quickly tired of dating younger men in her profession. That’s when she discovered the world of ‘allowance dating’, i.e. finding sugar daddies online. 

What’s the Latest Development?

We live our lives faster than ever so shouldn’t our romantic relationships change as well? When media professional Helen Coydon tired of dating the younger men in her field, she discovered the world of ‘allowance dating’, where rich and powerful older men pay their dates in luxurious gifts. Coydon says that American men are a class apart from the rest, being more emotionally mature and more accepting of non-committal relationships that are, ultimately, transaction-based. How did it go for Coydon? She says the extravagant dating world soon become rote. 

What’s the Big Idea?

Are traditional relationship doomed, at least for those who live at a postmodern pace? Coydon says they are if we do not come to terms with the autonomy of the current era and continue to treat each other like we live in 1950s America. After the romance has waned, she says, many relationships take on a dynamic of ownership, where the expectations of your partner become suffocating. “Why the compromise?” she asks. “If you like to go skiing and your partner prefers the beach, why wouldn’t you just go separately? We need to change relationships to fit the world we live in.”

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