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The Harmony of Community

I have been thinking a lot lately on programs that are aimed toward youth. We wonder so often why the youth of our day and age are getting into so much trouble and into the wrong things. I think the problem is they don’t have enough opportunities to have youth programs. Not only this, I believe that programs aimed toward youth for the most part, do not assist each other. One represents one thing and another represents another thing. Think of it my way of an orchestra. Each program that is being aimed toward the youth are each a different instrument. They can’t all do their own thing and try to all take the solo at the same time. While they each have unique sounds and important parts, they need to work together to form a beautiful harmony under a skilled conductor. This sound can take one’s breath away and can form a great impact on one’s life. This is where these different youth programs need to pay attention. They need to work together to best help the youth of our cities and towns and give them something productive. If youth programs all aim toward a goal of sharing ideas with each other and working together, I believe that youth programs, community centers, church groups, kids clubs, and so on would have a greater chance of having a lasting and bettering affect on the youth of our day.


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