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Spiritual Lesson from secular music

can we learn spiritual lessons from secular music

Many people find life lessons in today’s music. Most R&B music is meant to describe love for someone. However, I believe that we can learn spiritual lessons from that. If we put as much into loving our God, and not someone else, we will be better off. If we love the Lord with all of our heart, we will grow closer to Him, and are more likely to obey Him. There are also many songs that will motivate you into accomplishing a goal. As Christians, we need to apply these songs to our spiritual lives. We need to be motivated to furthering our spiritual lives, and obeying Christ. We have fun when we sing secular songs with our friends. We need to have fun singing spiritual songs with our friends. Christians need to find enjoyment in worshipping our Lord who has saved us. Christians tend to lean towards popularity rather than what God calls us to do.


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