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“Quaker Monarchy” To Join The Facebook Generation

Thinking people intolerant of network television newscasting have sought refuge in PBS for generations. Now public television’s flagship news program, NewsHour, is going 2.0.

Among the changes set for September include a merging of the program’s broadcast and online operations, increased reporting from the field, new microsites to complement the main NewsHour site, and round-the-clock stories posted online.

NewsHour will also restore the dual anchor approach that was a program hallmark until 1995 when co-anchor Jim MacNeil left.

The fact that PBS is making the leap forward into the more digital media landscape is notable in and of itself. When lead NewsHour anchor Jim Lehrer spoke with Big Think he did not describes the network as the most agile operation, at one point likening it to a “Quaker monarchy.”

Lehrer, who looks lean and mean at 75, outlined NewsHour’s editorial process when he visited. Journalism students take note: a lot happens at the Newshour studio between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. EDT.

Further engagement:

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