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Unlocking Your Car With Your Smartphone

By 2015, Hyundai hopes to have its Connectivity Concept to a point where drivers can not only open their cars, but have their personal user content automatically loaded.

What’s the Latest Development?

Hyundai has begun previewing its Connectivity Concept technology by demonstrating how future drivers will be able to open, start, and customize their cars using smartphones. No app is involved; the phone is simply waved over an embedded Near-Field Communication (NFC) tag. Inside, putting the phone in the center console starts the car and activates a display through which the driver has full control of the phone. In addition, the car receives the driver’s personal preferences for such settings as seat and mirror adjustment. The phone is also charged through the console. 

What’s the Big Idea?

Hyundai Motor Europe COO Allan Rushforth says that turning a smartphone into a car key is only the beginning: “With this technology, Hyundai is able to harness the all-in-one functionality of existing smartphone technology and integrate it into everyday driving in a seamless fashion.” The feature uses MirrorLink, a standard developed by the Car Connectivity Consortium that has yet to click with many auto manufacturers due to concerns about driver distraction. However, Hyundai and its partner Broadcom are still perfecting the system and plan to install it in new car models starting in 2015.

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