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Learn to Play the Bailout Game!

If Universal’s plan to produce a Monopoly movie directed by Ridley Scott didn’t fly, the Bailout Game is the obvious answer. Blue Earth Interactive, a web design firm based in Saint Paul, launched an online game in flash assigning the task of saving the US economy. For anyone who has ever thought they could do a better job than Hank Paulsen, the game prompts players to “drive a dump truck of cash down Wall Street and bail out the banks in need of help. But be careful; some banks only want to spend taxpayer dollars!”

In the Bailout Game, your score is the stock market index. And below there is a streaming ticker displaying such news as, “President bush attacked by flying shoes!”

In the event you get stuck, you can always “Ask Alan Greenspan,” who will appear in various incarnations, including one as “Queenspan,” an effigy of him as the English Monarch.  Enjoy the irony if you’re unemployed and find yourself playing online games. You can play at The Bailout Game.


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