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In Banking, Combining The Automated With The Personal

Building video into ATMs enables customers to interact with tellers if they need assistance during a transaction. It also lets banks reserve the branch offices for more in-depth customer questions or issues.

What’s the Latest Development?

Some credit unions and community banks have started using ATMs that are outfitted with video screens so that customers can talk to a remote teller if they need assistance with a transaction. Utah-based uGenius’ “personal teller machines” also come with handsets, a signature pad, and a chat feature for extra security. In addition, uGenius offers its client institutions “smart offices” within a branch that lets customers connect with loan officers via videoconference.

What’s the Big Idea?

One of uGenius’ clients, Raleigh-based Coastal Federal Credit Union (CFCU), only keeps a few account managers in each of its 15 branch offices; all of its tellers now work from a single location across 63 personal teller machines. CFCU executive Willard Ross says that new account and loan sales have doubled in the two-plus years since they adopted uGenius technology, and teller costs have gone down 40 percent. Larger banks are expected to get on board in the next few years, according to American Bankers Association vice-president Doug Johnson: “[W]e’ll see that need to have the proper level of customer experience at the branch with the necessity to also limit the amount of man power…and video can play a great role.”

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