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How to Use Facebook to Find Business Leads

Have a business? Want to find more customers? Pitching your business on Facebook can be awkward so here are some ways to get your idea out without pestering potential clients.

What’s the Latest Development?

Understanding how to use Facebook to find new customers is not obvious. Here are some tips: Goal number one is getting people to “like” your page because very few users will make a point of visiting your profile directly. Instead, they will interact with you through the news feed on their wall. Businesses should therefore integrate leads with likes by offering valuable content, such as videos or a newsletter sign up, once customers have liked your profile page. Entering customers in a contest for liking your page, for example, will attract a new audience.

What’s the Big Idea?

If your business is not taking advantage of social media to connect with current customers and find new ones, you are behind the curve. But promoting your idea on Facebook can be an awkward experience full of potential missteps and delicate etiquette dilemmas. Promotions that act as invitations will be more successful than blanketing social media with your logo. So when you do make new posts, ask open-ended questions to invite users to respond. And to reach a wide audience, post a different times of the day and during weekends. 

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