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How the Internet will Change in 2012

A $200 Google tablet, 1 billion Facebook users, Twitter a huge business, and mobile advertising booming. Next year should bring more than all this, says Business Insider Intelligence.

What’s the Latest Development?

Internet industry research service Business Insider Intelligence peeks into 2012 and, among other things, predicts Google will release a $200 tablet; Facebook will hit 1 billion users; Twitter will build a huge business; Amazon will post serious losses but enjoy outstanding revenue growth; vertical, entertaimnent-focused Ecommerce companies will get huge; and mobile advertising will finally take off. 

What’s the Big Idea?

After years in ‘harvesting’ mode Amazon is back in ‘investing’ mode, writes Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry. “Jeff Bezos realizes he is looking at some massive opportunities: building a complete digital media distribution ecosystem; building the biggest cloud platform of the 21st century; and, last but not least, eating retail.” 



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