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Forecasting the Next Decade of TV

Many believe that the next decade of technological innovations in the TV space will be defined by the possibilities of Internet-connected TV sets, such as tailored recommendations. 

What’s the Latest Development?

TV will inevitably go the way of the Internet, say those who watch the entertainment and technology industries. Ian Maude, head of Internet at Enders Analysis, thinks that in-built recommendation engines will become the norm for many by the end of the decade: “Linear TV watching has held up very well despite the advancements online. However, I think once most TV sets are connected to the web in some way, algorithms will be able to suggest content to people that they might want to watch, without them even asking.”

What’s the Big Idea?

Not everyone thinks that TV viewers will adapt to new technologies, though. TV is equally praised and criticized for its ability to mindlessly entertain its viewers. “Despite all the leaps and bounds in TV technology, people still want the ‘lean-back’ and uncomplicated experience that they associate with TV. ‘I don’t think the way that people interact with TV will change that much over the next decade, despite the changes big technology players like Google and Apple, bring to the market,’ explains Richard Broughton, senior TV analyst at Screen Digest.”


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