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For Future Leaders, a Green MBA

An increasing number of colleges are beginning to offer courses or entire programs devoted to green business practices. Bard College is the latest to offer an MBA in sustainable business.

What’s the Latest Development?

Bard College in New York is the latest university to offer a new academic program that focuses on sustainable business practices. Its green MBA was modeled on classes already offered by other institutions like the Presidio Graduate School and the Bainbridge Graduate Institute. “Classes meet over long weekend residencies once a month, five times per semester. During the semester, students are required to take part in online instruction between the residencies.”

What’s the Big Idea?

Bard hopes to reach a wider cross section of students by requiring the class to meet just once a month, which the college says also fits its approach to sustainable eduction. The MBA is meant to inspire entrepreneurs to start green businesses and to help ‘intrapreneurs’, those who will work for an established company, to integrate ideas about sustainability into the corporate structure. Dr. Eban Goodstein, the program’s director, said the MBA was created because today’s businesses play a crucial role in solving environmental problems.

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