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Entertainers and Athletes paid too much?

I’ve never understood why Celebrities and Athletes get paid so much more than anyone else. How is it that one man can make 14 million dollars simply putting a round ball through a hoop? Or how does an actress get paid so much for an hour and a half film? Has it ever bothered anyone else how much money these people make each year? It seems like one of these people’s salaries could pay off a lot of other people’s debt, or college tuition, or whatever. I’m not supporting socialism, but I do think that these people get paid way to much to simply entertain us. We even allow many of these people to get away with things that many people with less money and fame wouldn’t be able to get away with. Wasn’t America founded on equal justice for all? Not just decent justice for the poor, and let the rich off the hook because they can pay more.


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