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Can Tim Cook Make Apple Succeed?

Long seen as the heir apparent to Apple, Tim Cook will have a couple years during which Apple’s product line is more or less determined. But can he carry the company after that?

What’s the Latest Development?

When Steve Jobs resigned from Apple, he strongly recommended that his board of directors make the company’s logistics manager, Tim Cook, the new head and C.E.O. “The first challenge for Cook’s reign will be the expected unveiling of the next versions of the iPhone, widely anticipated within the next six weeks as Apple aims to capitalise on its leadership of the mobile phone industry, where it has risen from nothing to having the largest revenue and profits in just under five years.” Jobs will remain an active chairman at the company. 

What’s the Big Idea?

Apple’s innovation process looks several years into the future so consumers as well as the market can expect a steady stream of interesting products for at least a couple years. But it seems unlikely Cook will match the personality cult of Jobs. “Jobs is a Californian known for his new age interest in vegetarianism and spirituality, but Cook, who is from Alabama, loves American football. And while Jobs enjoyed rockstar-like fame, the intensely private Cook toiled for years in obscurity, an operations wonk who made the proverbial trains run on time.”


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