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Big Think’s Guide to Recession Entrepreneurship

When economies melt, entrepreneurs reign and start-ups are the new blue chips. Big Think asked Creative Commons CEO Joi Ito, Freelancers Union Founder Sara Horowitz, Harvard Business School Professor Nancy Koehn, Fabrice Grinda, who writes the Musings of an Entrepreneur blog, Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter—and dozens of other experts, including Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank, Blake Mycoskie of TOMS shoes, and Cliff Schorer of Columbia Business School—on smart ideas for starting a business in a recession.

Creative Commons CEO Joi Ito on Why Recessions Are Good For Business Freelancers Union Founder Sara Horowitz on the Best Entrepreneurship Advice She Ever Received Harvard Business School Professor Nancy Koehn on Lessons From Business History Fabrice Grinda of Musings of an Entrepreneur on Relentless Optimism Carol’s Daughter Founder Lisa Price on Accidental Entrepreneurship


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