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Amazon Studios May Soon Greenlight Its First Series Project

“Browsers,” a musical comedy that was originally developed at CBS, isn’t the first series to arrive at the company, but it would be the first to move into actual production.

Article written by guest writer Kecia Lynn

What’s the Latest Development?

Amazon Studios, which has a roster of movie and series projects in various stages of development, is rumored to be close to giving the go-ahead on its first-ever original content series. The show, “Browsers,” is described as “a single-camera affair that is set in the offices of what is said to be a Huffington Post-like news blog. And it’s a musical.” According to Variety, it was originally developed by David Javerbaum and 3 Arts Entertainment for CBS but didn’t make it past the script stage.

What’s the Big Idea?

With this project, Amazon Studios joins competitors Netflix and Hulu, which for some time now have been producing original content and, in some cases, selling it to traditional media outlets like the BBC. Unlike those companies, Amazon has an open submissions process, where “the hottest [proposed projects] get a decision within 45 days about whether or not they will pay $10,000 to extend the initial option by 18 months.” The company announced its interest in producing original comedy and children’s programming in May; completed series will air via Amazon’s Instant Video service.

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